A Meditation on Community and Nature

August 2016
South Middlesex Opportunity Council, 7 Bishop Street, Framingham, MA, USA
Acrylic paint
48' x 11'
South Middlesex Opportunity Council


Located in a zen garden, this mural’s abstract composition draws its inspiration from the raking of pebbles in traditional Japanese gardens. Recreated photographs of community events at the nonprofit are painted within various monochrome sections.


The work attempts to create an immediately visually intriguing space that is meditative and uplifting. As a work of art incorporated into SMOC’s meditative zen garden, the mural’s imagery takes inspiration from zen gardens and the raking of pebbles across the surface to resemble the flow and movement of water. The palette takes inspiration from the natural environment’s muted and rich palette. The alternation of muted reds, yellows, greens, and blues is inspired from the balance of seasons. Within these ripples of color, there are a number of painted scenes from the SMOC community drawn from photos. These images range from inaugurations of new buildings and community dinners to photographs of proud staff members and volunteers.

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