Fighting for Our Planet- Mural Series

January 2018
NEEP HQ, 81 Hartwell Ave, Lexington, MA, USA
Acrylic paint and adhesive vinyl
(3) 8'4.5" x 5'6", 8'4.5" x 8', 8'4.5" x 21'10"
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership


We did three mural projects for NEEP, focused on their core aspects: supporting dynamic systems, getting us off fossil fuels, spreading best practices, and connecting communities – with an emphasis on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions that NEEP serves. The work will be installed on three walls. Each wall will have a slightly different concept. The NEEP logo and name will most likely be featured in adhesive vinyl while the art component will probably be painted directly on the wall.


Grey Wall: The entry way to NEEP. It should say what NEEP is all about and what regions it serves. Possibly including text and logo using adhesive vinyl and laser-cut wood.

Yellow Wall: The visualization of what NEEP is all about: energy and material efficiency. This wall will likely involve imagery connecting nature and machinery. It will probably be created on plywood panels that will be affixed to the wall. When/if NEEP moves office spaces, this work will be able to move with the organization.


Blue Wall: The visualization of the future that NEEP envisions: one where our society use 100 percent sustainable and green energy and material practices. This piece will likely showcase a architectural structures along with other images.

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