Exploring New Realities, #theSnapGallery

October 2017
Northampton Film Festival @ A.P.E Gallery, 126 Main St, Northampton, MA, USA 01060, (remnants, property of Golob Art) Golob Art HQ, 405 Linden Street, Wellesley, MA, USA
snapchat, instagram, sharpie, acrylic panelling
(2) 3.5' x 4'
Brookline Innovation Group, Northampton Film Festival


Participatory art-making where community members can create their own 3D in VR and in social media-inspired murals composed of hundreds of individual Snapchats, #theSnapGallery. By adding art to their compositions to the snaps with markers, visitors will bridge image-making techniques and traditions with digital age content creation. This interactive project demonstrates how everyone can be an artist and/or an activist, especially when combining voices into something larger than a single person, like a community art installation.

For more details on #theSnapGallery, click here.

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